Is there any report to know the

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Is there any report to know the difference in list of components defined in BOM and in a Discrete job for a assembly

Hi Sir/Mam

we will define the BOM for a finished good , but some times user will do the changes to the material requirements . so at the time there will be changes occur in items define in BOM and actually used in the discrete job of the assembly . IS there any means in oracle to know this difference .

Thanks a ton in advance

You can get the details from view material requiremnt windows

In qty tab required column shows qty as per BOM
Issued column shows actually issued qty

Export this to an excel

you can develop a custom report.
It shoul nt be that difficult.


Iam very new to this area , please direct me with necessary information

iam gathering information from the tables BOM_BILL_OF_MATERIALS_V , BOM_INVENTORY_COMPONENTS_V and WIP_REQUIREMENT_OPERATIONS_V , to compare the list of items present in between the BOM_INVENTORY_COMPONENTS_V and WIP_REQUIREMENT_OPERATIONS_V

information from table WIP_DISCRETE_JOBS_V for status of the job and job name.

By passing the following parameters

Assembly name , Job name , explode the bill , job status

Output file contain

Assembly Name

Job Name



Material used from table WIP_REQUIREMENT_OPERATIONS_V

and the differnce items between the both tables .

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