Capacity Setup

Make sure you set up oracle Inventory, BOM, MRP/ASCP correctly before starting the setups for Oracle Capacity.
The steps shown in the above pic are the set up steps just for the Capacity product. All these setup steps are optional.

Resource Group

Resource groups are used to group key/critical/similar resources.
Resource group is a user level lookup, so you can define as many resource groups as per the business requirement.  Once defined, you can assign selected resources to a resource group in Oracle Bills of Material.

You can choose a specific resource group when using the bill of resources load to generate a bill of resources. You can then use the bill of resources to generate a RCCP plan that only considers the resources contained in your resource group.

You can define a maximum of 250 resource groups, and you cannot change the values in this field after you commit a resource group. To remove an obsolete resource group you can either disable the code, enter an end date, or change the meaning and description to match a replacement code


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