hi,system is allowing...

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system is allowing to ship the so lines which is having future schedule ship date

plz tel me what is the setup req not to allow the shipping for so lines in future schedule ship date

I dont think there is any standard process which satisfy this requirement. Scheduled ship date is a date suggested by the system (manually also possible) on the basis of material availability / ship set/requested arrival date/ etc.

If I am not wrong then there is a standard exception which is like a warning for this purpose.
But for this requirement you ‘ll need to make some customization to put the lines automatically on HOLD if the scheduled ship date is after the system date

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.. i need some extra information...as per ur suggestion if i customize so to put automatic holds for different lines which is having future schedule ship date...system has to show awaiting shipping for current sys date so line and it has to show still enter status for future schedule ship date......is it possible through customization or we can do any thing extra set up req?

plz give me rep

It’s a Business decision and as your business seems to be a bit diff. You need to answer the below question

Do you want to reserve the material if the schedule ship date is in future?

If yes then you can take the lines to awaiting shipping and then put a hold which restrict shipping

If No then you should put a hold which doesn’t allow booking. Just schedule the item and that should put a hold if the schedule date is not equal to today’s date

ok thank you by giving suggetion

my req is

sales order having 3 lines

1 st line is material in to days schedule ship date
2 nd line is service in future schedule ship date
3 rd also service in future schedule ship date

when am trying to book the so material line should be in awaiting shipping and line 2 and line 3 should be in enter status only
i.e if i book the so sys will not generate invoice for service lines
only mtrl lines should be booked and service line should not be booked

is there in any method to implement this scenario
plz give me appropriate scenario


The best solution would be to use install base , service contract & depot repair  if required . The business process would be like
1. Create a SO with line 1 and ship the material
2. Automatically / Manually create a service contract
3. Track the item in install base. It’s at customer site
4. When you get a service request, complete the service and bill it.

If the organization is not using contracts, then you can try below work abounds
1. Create a hold as – service
2. Create two different line types – one for item and one for services
3. Make a defaulting rule with the service line type. So when the service line is created it goes automatically on hold.
4. Book the order, Ship and invoice the first line. The sales order ‘ll remain open as two lines are on hold
5. When you get a service request, release the hold. It ‘ll be automatically shipped as it’s a non inventory item. Create the invoice.

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