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GET the organization structure of an EBS instance Technical jamsun 1,530
A list of non catalog templates in an operating unit iProcurement Anonymous 4,560
AP invoice details with supplier name, payment terms etc Anonymous 3,246
Asset Categories Anonymous 2,920
Basics AR invoice informations Account Receivables Anonymous 3,109
customer contact & phone number details Account Receivables Anonymous 4,994
Customer details from 10 diff tables Account Receivables Anonymous 3,375
Customer Invoice from SO Account Receivables Anonymous 2,714
Finding all unapplied receipts in AR Account Receivables Anonymous 5,615
get User's responsibilty list Account payable jamsun 1,416
GL Batch & Line details General Ledger Anonymous 2,931
I/C AP & AR Invoice from SO Order Management Anonymous 4,455
INV OU PL LE Basics Anonymous 5,630
PO, Supplier and Inventory Item Purchasing Anonymous 3,515
QP_PREQ_PUB.PRICE_REQUEST Advanced Pricing Anonymous 9,521
Query the bank account of a Supplier Site Account Payables Anonymous 3,852
Reason for invoices rejected by Payables Open Interface Import Account Payables Anonymous 10,994
Simple supplier & supplier site Account Payables Anonymous 2,670
Supplier , Supplier Bank and Supplier bank branch - Oracle Apps 11i Account Payables Anonymous 7,296
user name, employee & associated responsibilities Basics Anonymous 2,487
Value of a profile in a responsibility Basics Anonymous 3,009
YTD Depriciation, Acc Depriciation for each asset in a corp book Asset Anonymous 3,306
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