eBusiness Tax

Ebusiness Tax provides a repository to store tax information and record tax events.
Individual applications (for e.g. Purchasing) avails the tax services provided by Ebusiness Tax to create/update/display tax information for its transactions. The tax services that can be availed from Ebusiness Tax are listed below.

  • Define Tax Content
  • Determine Tax
  • Manage Tax
  • Record Tax
  • Report Tax
  • Reconcile Tax

  • Oracle E-business tax is a new product in R12.
  • It provides the infrastructure for transaction tax knowledge management and delivery using a global system architecture that is configurable and scalable for adding country-specific tax content.
  • It is a single point solution for managing transaction-based tax.
  • Uniformly delivers tax services to all E-Business Suite business flows through one application interface.
  • It Consists of a tax knowledge base, a variety of tax services that respond to specific Tax events, a set of repositories (for tax content and tax recording) that  allows customers to manage their local tax compliance needs in a proactive  manner, as well as the ability to integrate with external tax content providers  through a single integration point.


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