iSupplier Portal

Oracle iSupplier Portal enables a buying company to communicate key procure-to-pay information with suppliers.
From Oracle data sheet

As a supplier using Oracle iSupplier Portal, you can
1.1. View and acknowledge purchase orders
1.2. Submit change requests & acknowledge purchase order change requests.
2.1. Create advance shipment notices
3.1  View receipts, view invoices and payments
4. 1.Vview inventory levels
4.2. Create work confirmation for complex work projects

As a buyer using Oracle iSupplier Portal, you can

How to Start
Before you can access Oracle iSupplier Portal:
1. Your company must be registered as a supplier to the buying company that has licensed Oracle iSupplier Portal.
2. You must be registered as an Oracle iSupplier Portal user.
Note: If you are already a supplier to the buying company and you can log into Oracle iSupplier Portal, then you and your company have already completed both of the registration tasks.
After you are registered, you can access Oracle iSupplier Portal. The tasks you perform on Oracle iSupplier Portal are determined by your current supply chain business relationship with the buying company

1. Create a user id for the supplier / site from supplier adress book.
2. Verify the user id is attached to the customer in define user form
Add the ICX_SUPPLIER_ORG_ID value as the supplier name to this user id


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